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San Jose real estate and becoming a realtor

The San Jose real estate is vibrant and flourishing with various types of apartments with modern amenities, town homes, luxury homes, condos, and other types of investment properties. It is one of the main cities in the State of California and has many affordable neighborhoods like Japantown, Blossom Valley, and Evergreen. Other best neighborhoods in this metropolis city include Almaden Valley, North Valley, Willow Glen, West San Jose, Downtown San Jose, North San Jose, Cambrian Park, Santa Clara, and Palo Alto.


The city also boasts of gorgeous natural surroundings, quality schools, medical care facilities, excellent restaurants, beautiful beaches, recreational spots, museums, parks, and nightlife opportunities. San Jose is a part of Silicon Valley and naturally has many thriving high-tech establishments. In February 2011, the average price per square root in San Jose is $391, showing a 1.4% reduction from last year. The median San Jose homes sales price from October 10 through December 10 was $400,000. There was no increase in median homes sale price, but the homes sold decreased by 27.6%.


However, San Jose real estate has the potential for more growth and good returns. There are thousands of homes and several apartments and condos for sale in San Jose. Moreover, this metropolitan city is considered as one of the safest cities in America. It is an ideal place to live, work, and raise a family.


There are many individuals in San Jose who have taken up San Jose real estate as their primary career. In California, only those who have obtained the real estate certificate are allowed to work as real estate agent or realtor. You can apply for the certificate if you have completed 18 years of age and have a three-year college education. The applicants are also required to attend specified real estate courses and pass an exam. It is necessary that you must have obtained at least 75% on the exam.

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How to Make it Big in San Jose Real Estate

Summary: The San Jose real estate market is big and there is a lot of money to be made. But you have to be a strong and skillful player if you want to beat competition.

 So you are looking to make it big in the San Jose real estate market? The good news is that the market is huge and there is a killing to be made here. With seven and a half million people, there is lots of opportunity here. The bad news is that too many people seem to agree, that is to say, if the stakes are high, so is the competition. You are in a big market, so you have to survive amid the cut-throat competition. San Jose real estate market is a lucrative market indeed, because San Jose has grown as one of the largest cities in California and earned the title of sobriquet Capital of Silicon Valley.

San Francisco had for more than 150 years been an agrarian economy, but the latter half of the 20th century saw rapid expansion, partly due to the proliferation of the electronics and high-tech industry. To enter into the San Jose real estate, be well prepared. Know your territory and the way people move in and move out. For instance, keep an eagle’s eye on the areas near the prime high tech companies in Silicon Valley. There is a lot of moving in and moving out of here due to shifting job dynamics. And the crowd in this area is mostly single techies and young families looking for affordable housing.

The San Jose real estate market is big and there is a lot of ground to cover. In such a scenario, if you waste time chasing around unqualified customers who just want to look around and don’t actually buy anything, you are wasting precious time. Knowledge of the city is of paramount importance. If you want to make it big in the San Jose real estate market, you should know the city like the back of your palm. Read maps and acquaint yourself with the name and location of every area in the city.

The city of San Jose is roughly divided into Downtown San Jose, Central, West San Jose, North San Jose, East San Jose and South San Jose. San Jose real estate market sees high prices, mainly because of the presence of large multinationals and Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Adobe Systems, Sun Power, eBay, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi and IBM. Commercial space and office space is much sought after in the Greater Metropolitan Area. Prices for office space can range anywhere between $2 and $5 for a square foot.

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Real Estate In San Jose-Why And What Is Profitable?

SUMMARY: With real estate in San Jose gaining momentum, the city is becoming a targeted zone for many a real-estate owner, property buyer and investors. There are many neighborhoods in downtown, east, north east and south San Jose and buying in a condo is a great way of investing in San Jose property.

Known for growth and expansion of real estate in San Jose, the place situated in California is now a targeted zone for many a real-estate owner, property buyer and investors. San Jose has many residential neighborhoods, and each is well-known for safety and a whole range of property to choose from.

Real estate in San Jose is well-developed in the Downtown area of the city. The housing areas of Downtown San Jose are many and some of the assorted quarters in the area are Reed Historic District, Naglee Park, Vendome neighborhoods and Hensley Historic District. Architectural variations are plenty with Victorian homes juxtaposed with Italianate houses and Bungalows.

However, the diversity of real estate in San Jose is not just restricted to the downtown area; you get them in northeast as well as in east portions of the city. For instance, the Berryessa District in the north-east San Jose is a popular neighborhood for middle-class families. East Foothills, Little Portugal, Evergreen, Meadowfair, Alum Rock and King and Story are neighborhoods in East San Jose. In South San Jose, you find neighborhoods like Blossom Valley, Coyote Valley, Santa Teresa, Silver Creek valley and such others.

Thus, with so many neighborhoods and localities existing and a lot many realty in progress, the market of real estate in San Jose is vibrant and promising for not only buyers and investors but also for real estate agents and sellers.

Are you contemplating to invest in real estate in San Jose? In that case, it would be useful for you to know how you should invest in order to make maximum profits. Buying a condo is a great way to invest in residential properties in any of these neighborhoods. Not only are there residential condos but there are commercial condos also. Thus, investing in a condo and then renting it is a great way to earn an income. Alternately, you can live in a condo and let it for visitors while you are away. The condos in San Jose are very affordable and open up multiple avenues for you.

There are a few things you should consider before you invest in the desired real estate in San Jose. Find a profitable condo situated in the neighborhood that is in keeping with the purpose you get it for. Buying a condo is a permanent investment. So, make sure that you check out the pros and cons of investing in a particular condo and see how much would you gain from it.

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Homes for Sale in San Jose CA

Summary: With seven million people, San Jose is a huge city – the tenth largest in the United States. There are always homes for sale in San Jose CA, but you’ll need a broker’s help to zero in on the right one.


Looking for homes for sale in San Jose CA?  San Jose, with seven and a half million people, is the tenth biggest city in the United States in terms of population. It is located near the south of San Francisco Bay. Originally a small farming city, San Jose grew rapidly in the latter half of the 20th century, but even before the expansion boom, San Jose has always been a lucrative destination and has attracted people from all over the country looking for homes for sale in San Jose CA. In the modern day, the high-tech and electronics industry is very highly developed here, offering a lucrative job market and there is a steady influx of people here.

San Jose is located in the San Francisco Bay area in very close proximity to Silicon Valley – the high technology center of the world. Many techies who move to San Jose or the surrounding areas prefer a home close to Silicon Valley. The best advice about homes for sale in San Jose CA can be given to you by a local broker. If you’re new and unfamiliar to San Jose and are looking for a home here, it’s best to consult a broker. Find a good real estate agency and you’ll soon be looking at some fine homes for sale in San Jose CA.


The advantage with brokers is that they have been there for quite some time and know the territory and know what the advantages and disadvantages of each locality are. So if you have something in mind, you can honestly put forth your criteria and the broker will accordingly filter through the list and give you the list of homes for sale in San Jose CA that most closely match your requirement. Given the sheer volume of houses in San Jose, it will be impossible for you to achieve this task on your own. San Jose is simply too big.

With seven and a half million people, it is quite possible that at any given point of time, there will be hundreds of homes for sale in San Jose CA but it is impossible for you to check out each one of them. So this task is best left to a broker. Otherwise, not only will you spend a lot of time going through listings full of unfamiliar names, you’ll also waste a lot of time driving around looking at less than impressive houses that you will ultimately reject.

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